Refund Policy

We will promptly resolve all refund requests as per the given terms and conditions

Unavailability of Expert

A scenario such as this is highly unlikely. Even if such a case occurs where the expert is not available to help you and you have paid for the assignment in full; you can order any other assignment order of equivalent cost. Meanwhile, the full amount paid by you will be transferred with an additional recharge of 10AUD to your clickinpedia.

Missed Deadline

In case, your assigned expert is unable to complete your assignment within your deadline, you can raise a refund query which will be resolved subjective to a full investigation being carried out by our customer support team. Assignment Help is a collaborative process and in case you are not able to respond timely to our expert queries (with-in 12 hours) or if the lack of information given by you has led to a missed deadline, we will not entertain any full or partial refund requests.

In case we establish that the delay is caused due to an inability of our expert, you can avail a 50% - 100% refund of your order and the approved refund amount will be transferred to your clickinpedia. The deductions (if any) are levied as the expert who is working on your assignment has been paid fully in advance. However, we will take stringent actions against the writer for any delays on their part. The decision of our customer support team will be final in this regard and as per the guidelines of our Refund Policy.

Fail Grade received on Assignment Work

In an unlikely scenario, if you have received a Fail Grade, you are entitled to raise a refund request with a copy of an authentic grade sheet along with your professor’s feedback within 60 days of receiving your ordered solution. We will verify the grading sheet submitted by you and investigate if the cause is due to the low writing quality or if the reference solution provided is not up to the mark concerning the grading index and learning outcomes of your assessment.

For any shortcomings found on our expert part, we will process a 50% - 100% refund of your order through an equivalent transfer of the amount to your bank account .
The decision of the customer support team will be final in this regard.

Kindly note that any refund requests placed after the 60 days of receiving your assignment reference solution will not be entertained by us.

Important Note:

Assignment Help is a subjective service and our experts try to help you with the best of their knowledge, efforts and references so you can curate A Grade worthy assignments. However, to achieve good grades your diligence is the most important factor. Our Tutoring process is designed in a way that leaves little or no scope of incompetency and the chances of you failing are minuscule.
Keeping in line with the integrity of the tutoring domain, we do not process any cash refunds . However, we provide a wallet service where your refunded amount is held and can be used to purchase any other service from our website.

Money-Back Guarantee*

“Money Back Guarantee” request can be raised if you have received a fail grade.

All approved refunds in such requests will be transferred to your clickinpedia. We do not process cash refunds with the provision of Money Back Guarantee.

The request for Money Back Guarantee can only be initiated when the user shares the original grade report and is subjected to a thorough investigation by our customer support team.
The customer support team is liable to reflect all findings with the user and the decision of the CS team will be final in this regard.

*Money-Back Guarantee cannot be availed:

  • For orders with pending Partial Payments.
  • Where the assignment submission deadline is less than or equal to 72 hours.
  • If 60 days have passed since the assignment solution was delivered by our expert.

Case Scenarios Where Refund requests will NOT be processed

  • No refund requests will be entertained if the submission deadline of your assignment work is less than 72 hours.
  • We do not process or consider refund requests placed for orders with pending partial payments.
  • Assignment Help Services are similar to tutoring services thus no cash refund requests are entertained. The only exception to this is case scenarios of duplicate payments as mentioned in .
  • We are only liable to process refund requests in cases where the student/user has been active in its communication with experts and has provided sufficient learning material related to the assignment work.
  • Refund Requests are entertained only when a formal request is raised through the Client’s from contact form. Any communication through social media platforms, on email or through any other channel will not be deemed as formal communication.
  • As an education help service platform (, we are only liable to entertain your refund requests when raised within 60 days of receiving the final order solution. The date on which the solution was uploaded on your portal dashboard will be considered as the date of delivery.